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With online marketing is there a need for printed brochures?

For effective marketing, you should use the various mediums that are available to you. There are potential clients that are cautious about placing business or important orders from an unknown online vendor. All reputable online companies should still have brochures and other forms of printed sales literature to hand out to customers and prospects. If you want your business to target larger demographics, having both online and printed marketing materials, is the way to go. Having a company brochure gives you more credibility.

Your firm’s brochure is a powerful marketing tool. It presents your company’s services and capabilities. It reinforces your brand, by conveying a consistent message of your core values and competitive advantage.

It’s a great leave-behind that speaks highly of your services in your absence. And people can quickly flip through the brochure, to see if there interested. It is a great tool that presents your credentials in the most favorable light. It is your opportunity to create a lasting impression.